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Treat Dry Hair In Desert Climate

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Treating dry hair in a desert climate. With the weather being warmer and dry, it also affects your hair. Feel like you hair is staticy, fly away, or lacking moisture? Living in the desert zaps the moisture out of your hair, as well as your skin. Have you noticed how much moisturizer your putting on your skin, and it never feels like it is enough?
The same can be said for your hair.

Help nourish your dry hair with the help of a great hydration shampoo and masque. We recommend Serie Expert Nutrifier Shampoo and Masque from L'oreal Professionnel.

After shampooing, apply this masque and, always use a comb to distribute the hydrating masque from roots to ends. Leave on for a min of 5 mins to 15 minutes, and rinse out.
You can also leave the masque on overnight as well.

Remember a little masque goes a long way. Start with a half dollar size, and apply more if needed.

Another tip from one of our stylists, is after rinsing the masque out, apply just a little of the masque to towel dried hair, comb thru from roots to ends and proceed to styling your hair.

One of our stylist uses this masque and always feels like hair is softer, more manageable, smooth, and shinier after using.
Also it does not feel like it weighs the hair down or heavy after using.

This masque also has a UV filter for color treated hair, which is great for living in Tucson.

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